Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Go Tell It On The Hillside, A Childrens' Faire Is Born.

This past weekend, on a crisp sprinkly morning,
I drove deeper into the countryside.

And In these hills..

Beneath this rolling fog..

I entered an enchanted little village.  Really it was a school.
One known in our area for hosting events that freshen you with their creativity.
And these..are the things..that i saw.
You know that something good is beyond these doors.

I told you so.

A bag of dirt.  A branch.  A few gloriously simple ornaments.
Is there a better way to say Happy Holidays?

Chiidrens Art.   Brilliant Tiles.   A Quilted Wall Does Make.

This charming holiday craft faire had plenty of talented crafters.
Children and adults as well.
Below are they, and some of their wares.
Let me first apologize though.. for some of my pictures did not come true.
I am not yet well acquainted with the digital camera.

Young fimo artist with cleverly displayed ornaments.

Be still my heart...WOOL and so wonderfully felted by this little fella.

All could join the beading table.  Look
at the Star of Zephyr. 

I will never know...was it her sweetness or just the sheer beauty of these hand-crafted
hollow egg ornaments.  But here is the artist and the ornament I chose.   It hangs prominently beneath my vehicles rear view mirror.
One should always festify ones wheels.

A young knitter wastes no time while selling her knitty goods.  I was so taken with the knitted dress she wore, which I assume she knit herself, that I forgot to snap a picture of all her lovely items.
 Oh well..the dress speaks a thousand pictures.

Oh you don't say...I recognize those cards..

That is my friend Sue.  No not up there...Down there.
She is a photographer.
Through My Lens
That is the name of her business.   She takes incredilbe pictures and creates cards with many of them.   Her husband Don pens the quotes on the back...each and every one so very apropos.  We hope to have some available on our website soon.

And they are also both knitters, crafters and stitchers and do all of these things
 in the most original ways.

And this is the famous spoon man..George.
Occasionally he takes a break from selling and does a little 
salsa dancing with a customer or two.

There were singers and dancers and musicians of all young ages.
Capitol letters mean that I LOVE the ACCORDIAN.
Thank you little accordian player.
It is the kind of gathering that you know sends everyone home in a happy way.
Come to think of it..I was still feeling pretty happy the next day.
I hope that next year you can come.

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