Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Some days, while sitting in my booth, there is a parade of unbelievably beautiful apparel and accessories.  On occasion i'm able to snap a photo or two.  Diane was in my booth last year picking out more woven cottons . . mostly Daiwabos.  Her hand made bag told us that she had great things in mind for her new purchases.  Isn't this an awesome tote?  (And isn't she adorable?)

This year . . back again.  Dressed to the T (what does that mean anyway?)  Never would I have thought to put PINK with Japanese wovens but look at this bag !! I wish the photo showed this but the flowers on this one are actually dimensional. . very tastefully stuffed that is.  It was wonderful.  Think she bought some of our special woven stripes this time . . can't wait til next year.
Thank you Diane!

Then . . the garment show began.  Take a look at this gorgeous sweater.  It is WOOL!
Incredible knitting .  . Talented woman.  We'll be watching for her next year also.

 Did i say that 

You really need a better look so be sure to click on one of the pictures for a close up.

Wonder what this next show will bring.
Lots of artistic talent in Sacramento!

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