Wednesday, April 16, 2014


How I loved these indigo prints purchased at a quilt show.  As you can see . . they are reversible.  Take your pick . . light or dark!
Not at all intended for the twin gd's 2nd birthday dresses.

But on the way back to my booth i spotted an adorable dress pattern.
 The reversible fabric would offer up two very different dresses.  The twins are rarely dressed alike.  I bought two fabrics for the ruffles to distinguish them even more.   I laid out Dress 1.  I laid out Dress 2.  They were looking sufficiently unalike.   But then . . somehow . .  the fabrics kept getting flipped . .  and switched . . and flipped again.  Leaving me with two very similar frocks.   Add to that, I liked the ruffle on the first dress so much that it had to go on the second as well.
Oh anyway . . aren't they cute?!!   The design is from kati cupcake Pattern Co. and the dress pattern is called Peggy Sue.   Are you stitching today?   Lots of sizes if you want to whip up something cute for a dear little one.


  1. These are so cute! Perhaps when Alivia gets older, you could make her a dress so she could have a one-of-a-kind dress from her Grandma Rita! :) I want to email you and Cyril pictures, but don't have your email address and when I asked Drew to get it, he said to just use your that's all I can do for now. Hope to hear from you soon and that all is ok with you guys out there! We love you! :)

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  3. The dresses look amazing! They are different yet related, just right for twins.