Thursday, March 13, 2014


Nettie would like you to meet her new friends.

Here is Hattie.  Christine Arburua, changed Nettie's personality with a new hairdo and outfit.   Hattie was donated to Chistine's local library fundraiser.  She wrote that she was going to make herself a Nettie to keep.  And not too many days later . .  along came Sylvie!

 Sylvie . . Nettie thinks you are just divine.  
It seems Sylvie stole the heart of one of Christine's friends so on she stitched to make a 3rd.   I hope that she is able to keep at least one for herself.    Who knows . . she might be on #12 by now.
Don't you just love her hair and earrings?!!
Adorable in every way.
How wonderful if they could all come visit some day.
And why not a Steampunk version?
I hope that Miz Nettie does not get jealous of this looker.
Kathleen Mcleod . . Washington state doll maker.
Wouldn't you love to meet Steampunk Nettie in person?  Classy.

Truth be told . . 
Nettie has been feeling just a few stitches short of lonely these past days.
But everything seams sew much better now. 

And let us both say . . 
"Thank you Christine.  Thank you Kathleen."

for your wonderful creations . . and the time
you took to take and send these photos so that they could be shared with others who love the art of stitching
. . . and the art of doll making.

Dolls Rock !!


  1. Woo hooooo!!! Love these new versions of Nettie! Nettie is one of my all time favorites!!! So glad people are making her and doing their own twist on her!

  2. Wow, these three adorable friends of Nettie Needles are absolutely smashing!!! Such style and class. I am delighted that Nettie again has a heart and scissors. Yes, Dolls do Rock.

  3. Lots of pretty ladies featured here today!