Thursday, July 25, 2013


 A flower is a flower
Unless it is a first flower.
Then it is a Flower
with Power .

 A true story.  A short story that is big. . 
so I say anyway.
These are the little artists.

They began with a piece of brown paper found on the floor.
Rip rip.
Little pieces.
Rip rip.

 Small hands placing itsy pieces on a table.
Just a little help from Nanna with the arrangement.
Oh and maybe she ripped that stem as well.

First art work
A simple flower.  

more laughing.
 And then . . gone.
Just like that.
Art works . . in mysterious ways.
Hoping that you can share something simple in your day . . today.


  1. Flower girls! Love that little pieced flower from the twin cupcake girls! Getting their artistic streak from their grandma!

  2. These little darlings, budding artists, have been immortalized by Nanna in such a beautiful way. They'll be drawing and stitching in no time and these experiences will bond the three of you for evermore.