Saturday, November 19, 2011


Gone so much I miss most of our local guild meetings but my friend Sue and I were very happy we were able to attend this one.   An evening of demos.  The quilter-wanna-be, that's me, learned a very useful block that I will incorporate into the baby quilts for the expected twin grandchildren.  First ones!  Yippee.  Youngest son the first to have don't get to choose the order you just make the quilt(s).  Here is the informative evening in pics.  Click for big.
Robin does her magic
with four 5" squares

So much prettier than my photo

  1.  Begin with four 5" squares seamed together.  Cut 1 1/4" away from center seam as shown.      Best to place on small mat for rotating ease.  Rotate your mat in quarter turns making the same cut each time.
  2. Now, leaving center and outer corners where they are, rotate all four inner rectangles l80 degrees.
  3. Next sew it all back together and there you have it...a Simply wonderful block.

 Connie showed us how to use the Guild's AccuQuilt to cut many different shapes.  We were so surprised to see that it even cut notches for matching up pieces.   

Kim - Queen of Thangles
LOVED Thangles - great hopes now
for all sizes of the half square triangle.

Gotta get some Thangles - all sizes!

Nancy did beautiful hand painted cards and painted fabric as well . . assisted with her can of shaving cream.  Yes, shaving cream.   Amazing.  My close-ups too blurry..sorry.  Loved that she emphasized the ease with which children become artists using these methods.  Fun too!

Susan was very artful as she demoed some quick gift bows out of various ribbons and laces.  Just in time!

Thank you so much gals!


  1. everyone sharing their talented techniques. What a fun meeting. Twins!! Your kids are starting with a bang. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks Rita for sharing your great pictures of the Guild demos! It's always nice to learn something new, and we sure did that evening.