Sunday, January 23, 2011


Seriously??...she made 14 aprons??!!!  And they were each and every one reversible??  She told me this at a show where she had previously purchased our No-Hem Reversible Apron pattern.  And then...she sent me the pictures.  Made them all for her friends and here are some of them at her Pie Social.   I didn't dare to ask how many PIES she baked.  Accomplishments like this leave me standing in awe...and dashing for my sewing machine.  Love these pictures.  Remember now, the aprons are ALL reversible.
Here friend Barbara H. sports her
apple apron.  Snazzy!

Ok have you looked at the aprons yet or are you still googling at those luscious pies??!!!
Our prolific SEWer gal Barbara Clark is in the back, wearing the pies apron.   Pure delight in each and every face.  Who wouldn't be delighted with friends like that.   And ohhh... those PIES!
All of them familiar faces to me as I'm sure they have popped into our booth more than once.
See you next year Ladies....wear your aprons!
After this she hosted a spaghetti dinner and made everyone half aprons.
And, there's more..With our On The Road Again pattern, which makes a very large bag, she went overboard with creativity.   She made six different bags.  On three of them she personalized each one to match the recipient.  (She wore me out telling me all of this.)  Look at these bags.

Can't go wrong with ME images.
Beautifully done...and so cheerful.
Don't you just want one?!!

Here is her friend Donna's daughter.  She appliqued her
likeness onto this bag.   This one is particularly amazing isn't it?

Barbara thank you so much for taking the time to take and send these pictures.  You have a lot of very lucky friends.
Ok...I have to go sew something now.  bye bye.     Oh.  One more thing. Within the next few days Woolbert will be popping in to begin our first pattern give away.   Stay tuned.

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